Do you want to discover the hidden secrets of the most incredible city in the world? Book a free walking tour with Venice Walks and admire must-see places…

Free guided walking tours in Venice

Are you hungry for Venice? Do you want to discover the hidden secrets of the most incredible city in the world? Book a free walking tour with Venice Walks and admire must-see places off the beaten tracks that usually tourists don’t see. Venture into Venice winding streets far from the crowd with our passionate local guides, ready to unveil to you the history, curious facts and habits of their city,…


The Venice free walking tours are managed by ABCOnlus (bbcc Onlus), a non-profit association that promotes since 1998 the Cultural Heritage and discover the less known places of Italy that make you thrill though events and activities.

Venice is so full of art, history and magic that you can find something interesting to see almost in every corner. That’s why we don’t have a fixed tour but it changes every time depending on several aspects: the guide, the number of people, the weather.

For sure we will move off the beaten tracks and you will discover that Venice has a lot to offer and you will be able to see what usually tourists miss.

We will avoid places like St. Mark Square because you can find information about them in any tour guide, and are usually they are so crowded that you can’t even hear someone speaking,  but we will show you the biggest oil on canvas in the world or the first Jewish ghetto in history and many other fabulous places that you will probably miss if you tour by yourself.

Moreover our guides, who have been born here, will explain to you something about life in Venice, a city which is different from any other place in the world, giving advice and tips about how to enjoy the city at its best.

And everything it’s for free. At the end of the tour, if you liked it, you will decide if you want to contribute to help our organization to get its targets with a donation.


– how long is the tour?

Usually the tour lasts about 2 hours and an half. The length anyway depends on several factors: the weather, how many people are taking part in the tour, the guide.

– where will you take me?

The tour is not tour fixed and it can change. Every guide for example has his own route and will show you different places. Venice anyway is so rich of interesting places to see and facts to know that make interesting any possible route.

What is sure is that you will move off the beaten track  and you will discover what usually tourists miss.

– does the tour end where it start?

No,  you will walk through the city and the guide will leave you in a place that will permit you to discover other parts of Venice by yourself. Of course if you have any particular necessity ask our guide and he will help you to address you in the right direction.

– why the tour is free?

The tour is free because we want to share with you or love for Venice. If you will decide, when the tour ends, to contribute with a donation to the projects of our organization (you will receive a regular receipt for your donation) we will be extremely grateful. But it’s up to you.

– is the tour only in English or are there other languages?

The tour is only in English. Our guide use a simple and intelligible language, but you need to have at least a basic knowledge of English.

– what happens if I’m late for the beginning of the tour?

Venice is not an easy city to move, and it’s easy to get lost, so please take it in consideration and try to arrive on time or even ten minutes earlier if you can, the guide can’t wait for you for long, in order not to cause inconvenience to the other members of the group. If possible try to contact us by phone at the numbers you find in this website.

– if I can’t attend the tour I’ve booked, have I to inform you?

It’s really important for us to know exactly the number of people that will take part in the tour, because there is a minimum (4 people) and in case of a group with more than 20 people we have to call another guide. So please sent to us an email or contact us at the phone number you find on this website.

– what if I am the only visitor?

Unfortunately we need at least 4 people for a tour. You will receive an email within 8am of the day you have booked if we will not reach the minimum number for that tour.

– what happens in case more people show up with me?

If the group is composed by too many people it would be hard to move through the narrow streets of Venice and for sure you would not enjoy the tour at its best. That’s why it’s important for us to know how many people will take part in the tour and in case call more guides.

– what happens with bad weather?

Venice is a city that is worth being visited with any weather, and it would be a pity if you should miss your opportunity just because of a hot sun, annoying rain or even high water. Just be prepared and bring with you sun cream and a hat during hot summer, an umbrella or a raincoat in case of bad weather and a pair of boots (you can easily buy them in the city) in case of high water and come to the meeting point. We will be there waiting for you.

– is the tour suitable for children?

This is a walking tour, so you will have to walk a lot, but we will stop often to show you the beauties of city or to tell you interesting information about life in Venice, so it is possible also for children to take part in the tour if they manage to keep the pace of the rest of the group.

– is the tour suitable for disabled people?

during the tour we will walk a lot and we will cross also many bridges, so the usual tour can be hard for people in wheelchair, but we can prepare a tour studied for disabled people that can include also a trip with a boat accessible to wheelchairs. Just contacts us for  more information.

– will we have a coffee break?

we usually have a coffee break of 10-15 minutes

– why have I to give you my email and phone number?

because it is always possible that there could be extremely hard situations (a strike, really bad weather, etc.) that prevent us to have a regular tour. In this case we will try to get in touch with you calling your phone number and sending to you an email. That’s why we kindly advise you to check your email before leaving your hotel.